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Work and Live in Malaysia

Southeast Asia has steadily become one of the fastest growing regions of the globe. By the time the 21st century rolled in, it has seen number of countries experience unrivaled economic growth. And one of the region’s most successful countries is Malaysia.

Quick Facts:
Capital City – Kuala Lumpur
Currency – Malaysian Ringgit
Seat of Government – Putrajaya
Population – Estimated at over 26 Million
Borders – Indonesia, Thailand, Brunie, Singapore and the Philippines
Total Landmass – 329,847 Sq. Km
Official Religion – Islam
Official Language – Malay

The unified state that is Malaysia was established in 1963. Several Southeast Asian states who were gaining independence from foreign rule decided to come together as one. The first few years of Malaysia’s history were not as great as it could have been. Several issues arose between the states involved in the merger. In the end, Singapore left the federation to stand on its own again. After things settled down, Malaysia blossomed and h…