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Work and Live in Malaysia

Southeast Asia has steadily become one of the fastest growing regions of the globe. By the time the 21st century rolled in, it has seen number of countries experience unrivaled economic growth. And one of the region’s most successful countries is Malaysia.

Quick Facts:
Capital City – Kuala Lumpur
Currency – Malaysian Ringgit
Seat of Government – Putrajaya
Population – Estimated at over 26 Million
Borders – Indonesia, Thailand, Brunie, Singapore and the Philippines
Total Landmass – 329,847 Sq. Km
Official Religion – Islam
Official Language – Malay

The unified state that is Malaysia was established in 1963. Several Southeast Asian states who were gaining independence from foreign rule decided to come together as one. The first few years of Malaysia’s history were not as great as it could have been. Several issues arose between the states involved in the merger. In the end, Singapore left the federation to stand on its own again. After things settled down, Malaysia blossomed and her economy experienced rapid economic development that continues until today. At present Malaysia is made up of three federal territories and thirteen states.

Malaysia’s total land mass is 127,355 square miles. She is bordered by Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Indonesia, ad the Philippines. Since the country is located near the equator, it experiences typical tropical weather. Malaysian landscape varies from rugged mountain to hills and coastal plains. Most of the land area is covered by slight vegetation, farm land and several virgin forests.

Malaysia is home to an estimated 26 Million people. Most of her residents are of Arab descent while some have Chinese and Indian upbringings. The country is also home to a native population called the “Orang Asli.” The official religion of the country is Islam. However, the country is relatively tolerant to other religious denominations. Religions freely practiced in Malaysia include: Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Taoism. Malay is the official language spoken by the people.

Government and Politics
Malaysia is a Constitutional Monarchy. Her government is said to have been fashioned after the “Westminster Parliamentary System”. The country is led by a monarch that is elected every 5 years from the nine Malayan states. They are also governed by a Prime Minister elected by the people. Each state in the Malaysian federation has their own set of rulers and officials.

Malaysia values education. It is estimated that roughly 95% of the population make it past High School education and gain college qualifications. Most schools in Malaysia use Malay as their medium of instruction. The rest use Chinese or Tamil. Some privately owned schools may use English, but it is not seen often.

Malaysia is one of the world’s primary exporters of rubber. They are also said to supply the world with half of its Palm Oil needs. Malaysia also has an estimated 4.2 Billion Barrels of oil reserves. The country is rich in Natural Gas – with approximately 87trn Cubic Feet in offshore locations. Deepwater natural gas reserves have also been located in Sarawak and Sabah coasts. Malaysia also supplies the world with timber, cocoa, pineapple, sugar cane and pepper. The country also has its share of rice paddies. Tin used to be a big part of the Malaysian economy. That is no longer the case today. It is estimated that the cost of living in Malaysia is much lower than it is in the United Kingdom, Singapore and other Asian countries.

Work Opportunities for OFWS
At present there are a number of Malaysian companies that are hiring skilled foreign workers. Information Technology (IT) specialists and English teachers are at the top of that list.

Malaysian employers are also looking for service workers such as: Waiters, Service Crews, Domestic Helpers and so much more.

The country is also in need of skilled artisans such as expert upholsterers. Call Center Agents that have IT backgrounds are also welcome in the country.

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Salary Guide
Malaysia has a very competitive salary rate compared to other countries in Asia. The country’s minimum wage is priced at 1,200 RM or 316 USD. Minimum wage applies to service crews and domestic workers. Pay may be higher depending on the employer.

Most of their professional workers earn an average of 2,000 Malaysian Ringgit (RM). That is approximately 615 US dollars. High ranking individuals can earn upwards of 5,000 RM. IT personnel in Malaysia also have the opportunity to earn up to 5,000 RM or over 1,500 US dollars.

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