60 Physical Therapyst - USA (Reposting)

Urgent Employment in United States for Physical Therapyst - 60 Candidates

Pre-deployment Benefits for Successful Candidates
- No Recruitment Fee, No Placement Fee, No Processing Fee!
- Assitance with Visa Processing un US Embassy, Manila
- Free Visa and Airfare

Employment Requirements:
1. Must have BS Degree from a reputable acedemic insitution.
2. Must be Licensed as a PT in the Philippines
3. Minimum of 2 to 3 years experience in a hospital or PT clinic preferred.
4. Good PR skills
5. Willing to sign a 3 year employment agreement
6. Possession of:
- TOELF or iBT Certification
- Credential Approval from Alabama or Texas State
(Employer will reimburse the fee for TOEFL/iBT and fee of credential approval, Suitable candidates who are yet to be certified are also welcome to apply!)

The Post Employment Benefits
- Attractive salary of up to $67,000 annually, on a 40hour//week
- a sign-in bonus
- Fringe benefits including a Medical and Vacation plans!
- a one Month Free accomodation provided at the time of arrival

US Clients screenin process include webcam/phone interview, and personal/final interview.
Send ASAp your detailed CV/Resume with colored photo + copy of prficiency certification obtained, to the designated email addresses:

MANILA and NCR Applicants : healthcare@hrdemployment.com

CEBU and VISAYAN applicants: cebu@hrdemployment.com

DAVAO and MINDANAO applicants: davao@hrdemployment.com

Additional Information:
Final interview will be conducted personally by US employers representative in the Philippines
Successful candidates will be deployed under H1B Visa

post as received email from HRD Manila technical@hrdemployment.com

this blog post is for Jobseekers information and references only - no payments to be collected


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