Saturday, January 8, 2011

Machinist - Baseload Contractor for Saudi Chevron

This is to kindly request if you can post this to your email for Saudi Chevron - job opening for Millwrights (Baseload CONTRACTOR)

Thanks for your usual effort.

Required Qualifications and Experience:

*Diploma or certification as a Machinist is required.
*8 years experience as a Machinist Technician in Petrochemical or Refinery
* Must have excellent oral and written English communication skills. Must be able to read and speak English
* Must have good work ethic and be a team player
* Must have an excellent safety record and a stable employment track record.

Job Responsbilities:
*This position will entail the running machinery in a maintenance machine shop supporting the repair and fabrication of plant equipment.
* As required the individual will work as a millwright rebuilding and installing plant equipment.
* Study all work orders received, understand the work required to be completed and plan its execution in accordance with the work order requirements. This includes organizing equipment and materials needed for execution.
* Apply for and obtain the type of work permit (general or hot work or confined space permit) needed to carry out the maintenance job.
* Verify from operations staff the exact nature of the operational problem and implications and what is needed to be done in order to rectify it. Then take appropriate action to correct the instrumentation devices to solve the problem
* After completing any job close the work permit and enter the description of maintenance jobs completed into the electronic logbook or the Maintenance Management System.
* Ensure maintenance work is carried out in accord with the procedures documented in the Maintenance Manual.

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