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Hiring for Tractor Trailer Driver and Dockworker - in Canada

Fastfrate Canada

In the 40 Years and more that Fastfrate has been a transportaion company, the Canadian supply chain has changed and we've changed with it. Finding ways to trim the fat and still delivert the good...that's todays big change. The economy demands lean!

Every aspect of our company has been reviewed, rethought, reworked and repackaged to work harder for you. We've simplified our services to reflect our LTL and Specialized focus. Road or rail, east or west, transprotaion or warehousing - we've optimized all of our thinking and our operations.

In Fact, with our experieicne, new technology and the right amount of resoucefulness, Fastfrate has optimized every corner of the business. We've brought the entrepreneurial spiril that built this company to the forefront. We've stregthened and empowered our team to serve you better but leaner.

Fastfrate is one of Canada's leading transportaion providers, from cost to coast. Our well established and extensive network is always expanding with new facilities and services; that means we are always on the lookout for the right people to help us grow.

There are exciting and rewarding transporation careers in all areas of our company. We are actively seeking applications to fill positions in administration, technology, sales, operations, customer service, material handling, driving and more.

Hiring for Dockworker

Job Duties:
  • Loads, unloads and moves product and materials to and from trucks onto dock
  • Operates equipment such as forklift, clamp truck, dollies or hand trucks, reach trucks, etc.
  • Inspects equipment priot to commencing shift and as required during day
  • Verifies accuracy of product being received and shipped
  • May be required to break down skids of product and being received and shipped
  • May be required to break down skids of product and build smaller orders for delivery to customer
  • Ensures product is moved in a safe manner and reports any incidents to supervisor
  • Completes various documents as required
  • Maintains a clean and safe work area
  • Maybe required to lift uo to 22.5 (50lbs)
  • Maintains current forklift operator certification
  • Maintains current dangerous Goods certificate as required
  • Must be able to read, write adn speak English and/or French
  • Muct be able to work in a fast placed environment while maintainint attention to detail
  • Previous 2 years related experieicen preferred.

Hiring for Tractor Trailer Driver

Job Duties:
  • Inspects equipment before and after trips and submits inspections reports.
  • Operates tractor trailer in safe manner, applying knowledge of commercial driving regulations, to transport and deliver products.
  • Complies with driving rules and regulations. Reports any incidents immediately to supervisor.
  • Pick up and deliver shipments to / from customer
  • Loads or unloads, or assists in loading and unloading truck.
  • Plans route to optimize deliveries
  • Wraps goods using pads, packing paper, and containers, and may be required to secure load to trailer wall usign straps.
  • Ensures load is secured priori to transit.
  • Inventories and inspects good to be moved.
  • Services truck with aoil, fuel, radiator fluid, etc.
  • Ensure all required customer paperwork is completed and signatures are obtained.
  • Maintains good relationship with customer. Reports any order discrepancies to dispatcher or other company representative
  • Completes various reports, such as driver logs, hours of service records, pre-trip inspection reports, etc.
  • Maybe required to lift and carry product for delivery into customer location.
  • Possesses valid driving license for the class of vehicle being operated
  • Maintains valid Dangerous Good Certificate
  • Must be able to read, write and speak English and /or French
  • Maintains effective customer relationships
  • May be required to lift up to 22.5kg (50lbs)
  • Must be able to work in a fast paced environment while maintaining attention to detail.
  • Previous 2 years related experience preferred.
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