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Urgent Hiring on Saudi Electricity Company

Instructors for Engineers, and Power Plant Operators

Training department is in need of instructors in all disciplines ....  kindly post this sa ating mga contacts at irelay sa iba pa nilang contact para kung may mga interested engineers with more than 5 years experience in Power Plants and any other related fields at kung may teaching experience kung wla naman pwede pa rin basta magpadala cla ng cv softcopy pwede pra ma - screen agad kailangan before December ay makuha na un mga qualified instructors. Thanks
pls send your CVs to Romeo Serrano


Echague said…
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Anonymous said…
>1>I worked at SEC for 8 years and stopped. I wanted to go back abroad but I have a lung scar. I am already healed in PTB 5 years ago. Is it possible for me to pass the medical exam, Anyway, I am willing to sign a waiver!